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Meta-Theo International Bible School is a Bible/Leadership institution that will train you-body soul and spirit to be usable by God,to yourself and humanity.

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The Basic Certificate Course in Christian Ministry (BCC)
The BASIC Certificate Course– designed for Christians that crave for victorious living and a deeper knowledge of God in Christ. Read more >>


The Leadership Certificate Course in Christian Ministry (LCC)
The Leadership Certificate Course
– designed for all church leaders to be grounded in the truth of our common inheritance in Christ, and in the administration of our various gifts to build the kingdom of God


The Leadership Specialization Course (LSC)
Leadership Specialization Class
– designed to provide classified information for professional acumen for an excellent Christian service towards procuring optimum productivity of individual gifts and calling in the body of Christ. It is designed for all serving ministers of the gospel, Church Leaders and vocational Pastors to prepare them in their respective sub – specialties in these four areas:

  • Christian Education
  • Church Administration
  • Religious and Christian Studies
  • Christian Missions
  • Biblical Studies

This is the Faculty of Theological Studies and Associated Disciplines in an 8 Year Interjectional Programmes Ranging from Certificate to Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D).


Courses of Specialization:

  • Theology and Ministry
  • Educational Administration
  • Christian Ministries and Missions
  • Ministries & Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Christian Educational Philosophy
  • Religion and Diplomacy
  • Leadership & Good Governance
  • Business Management
  • Christian Organizational Leadership




All programs are certified by State University of New York, Albany USA, in direct supervision of World Association of Academic Evaluators and Assessors, Florida USA.


Undergraduate students are issued either Letter of Exclusion (for those under the age of 30 years) and Letter of Exemption ( for the above the age of 30 years) directly from NYSC.


All documents from State University of New York are tenable and acceptable worldwide for employment purposes or for admission purposes, even in Nigerian universities.


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This programme comprises of one year study in two loaded semesters with twenty six courses in all. It is targeted towards the realization of personality uniqueness/difference, the discovery of your unique purpose and unleashing your full potentials to your world, the development of your magnetic personality that is suitable for destiny capturing and the development of vital leadership skills and gifts. It is highly recommend for leaders at all levels and strata of the society who crave to having a robust and lasting bite in destiny, and leaving indelible footprints in the shores of time.

There are twenty cardinal objectives that are intended to be achieved by the students:

  1. To evoke the drive for personal success in the realization of purpose.
  2. To help you realize who you really are with regards to your definite purpose.


We want to equip you for ministry as you make disciples where God has placed you. In addition to traditional class formats, we also offer flexible alternative ways to take classes. Online classes provide you with world-class training anywhere in the world, following a traditional semester format but with flexibility to fit into your schedule. Intensive and weekend classes allow you to minimize your time on campus.